Digital Photography Offers So Much More

In the early days of photography, the process was complex, dealing with plates and then with films could be complicated and a mistake would mean the image was lost forever. Digital photography did away with that, but some might think it also took away the skill too.

Nothing could be further from the truth. As any professional photographer elbow lake mn can demonstrate, the technology has moved on, but the art stays the same.

Overabundance of images

Now that most of us carry a cell phone and most of them have a camera there are more images than taken in a month than were ever taken before. They are probably lovely mementos of that meal you had then, (but seriously broccoli looks like broccoli – how many images do you need?).

There might be more images than ever before but are there more photographs?

The photographer’s eye

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The hundreds of thousands of snaps taken every hour help to prove what we have always known. There’s a difference between a snap and a real photograph.

The photographer has the ability to tell a story. They see something different, something extraordinary when they look through the lens finder and it is different from what most people see.

The photographer’s tools

In the past, the photographer would steal away to a darkened room and perform feats of alchemy to produce a picture. Now they are more likely to upload an image to photoshop where they can adjust the photograph in hundreds of ways.

The difference is still that the photographer sees something in their mind’s eye, which is different from the rest of us.

Photography is an art

That’s why we recognize that we still need the artist’s eye, to catch things just a little off center, a little differently.