Love Matches Straight From The Heavens

One of the most enduring melodies ever composed, simply put, had no ambition. The gentleman crooner, as he would have it, was going no further than the moon. On a zanier scale, which today is slowly and surely churning out as a reality, contact has been made with the more distant and empty plains of Mars. Once upon a time, on this crazy trip, there was some kind of love. The lost in space man was requesting that a message be sent to his once-home planet.

Earth. Home of all known gods. He asked his communicator to send over a message to his wife. That he loved her very much. What happens when you have ambitions to go further? What happens when you scale the farthest reaches of the huge universe? Will you ever find love? And will you find the perfect match? Apparently it is so. After your love compatibility has been accurately charted, you will be sent on a journey.

You will be sent on that desired for journey to meet your Mr. Right. Or your Ms. Right, as the case may be for you. You are also requested to not tamper with the heartstrings. Do not mess around with love and have only noble and loving intentions for the one you want to love. Unless it is mutually agreed to, you are not to engage in what could be called alt-love. It is merely in the act but it is anything but.

love compatibility

It is anything but love. Anyway, the prospects look very bright indeed. There could be a match made in the heavens just waiting for you. You are required to stand on the tips of your toes and just go out there and reach for it.